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Ferrari Models

As beautiful as the country it is derived from, a Ferrari will give you the ride of your life. The unmatched craftsmanship of these Italian sports cars scream luxury and beckon you to lounge in the handcrafted, custom made seats. Put your hands on the perfectly calibrated steering wheel, put it in gear, and feel true power beneath you. Ferrari has been setting trends in the industry since it's conception in 1939, having won over 5,000 sanctioned races, being one of the most powerful brands on earth, and being customizable to an astounding degree.

The origin of Ferrari's unmistakeable black prancing horse logo has it's roots firmly planted in history as well being the symbol of an Italian ace pilot known as Count Francesco Baracca. The bright shade of red made famous by the vehicle also boasts historic value as it was the color assigned to all race cars by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) during the early years of automobile racing. If you don't like the color Ferrari also supports a broad range of other colors including: bright yellow, glossy white, metallic grey, British racing green, and a multitude of others. Ferrari also holds the record for most expensive car ever sold. The 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, in May 2012 sold for $38,115,000 to Craig Mccaw further enhancing the already impressive pedigree Ferrari proudly boasts.

When it comes down to it, there is hardly any competition for Ferrari as they are the master of their craft. With such an in depth entanglement with world and automotive history, there is no wonder why they are at the top of the industry. Any owner of a Ferrari should be extremely proud of their purchase as not only do they have a magnificent sports car, they have so much more.

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