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Aston Martin Models

Founded in 1913, Aston Martin has been providing some of the best-known luxury cars for nearly 100 years. The British based car manufacturer continues to produce the likes of the DBS as well as the more practical, town-going Cygnet. Visiting Aston Martin dealers affords prospective buyers the choice of buying brand new prestige cars or pre-owned Aston Martins of various models, sizes, styles, and specifications.

Aston Martin manufacturer offers a range of brand new cars with a selection of current models including the DB9 and the stunning V12 Vantage. With a heritage of high power and stunning sports cars, it is perhaps the Cygnet which could be considered the greatest innovation and certainly represents the greatest move away from traditional sports cars that Aston Martin has made.

The new Aston Martins offer manufacturer warranties and the feeling that can only be derived from driving a brand new car although you will have to pay a premium for the pleasure. However, for the extra money you can also enjoy choosing your additions and creating a car exactly to your requirements and specifications. Alternatively, you can find Aston Martin dealers that also stock a varied selection of used Aston Martins which are cheaper and still offer the same reliability that you would expect from Aston Martin.

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