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Tonkin Replicas Diecast Models (Total Items: 12)

Tonkin Replicas specialises in building off highway trucks and construction vehicles.

One of their unique offerings is that they build any truck you want with the paint and decals of your choice. Even if you only want one piece they will build it especialy for you.

Tonkin partners with many truck manufacturers like Volvo, Mack or Peterbilt to bring you authentic replicas for you to admire. Paint, decals and all the small details are recreated in small scale.

Their authentic caterpillar series offers the following details:

  • Steel railings
    These simple details add to the complete image of these wonderful crafted vehicles.
  • Rock Knockers
    These parts are used to keep rocks out of the space between the wheels. As the real vehicle has them, the model should too.
  • Authentic Caterpillar paint job
    Tonkin Replicas tries to get the yellow as close as possible to the original yellow used by caterpillar.
  • Dump Body
    Most of their trucks come with fully movable dump bodies. Perfect for construction site dioramas or just for you to play with.
  • Decals
    Lots of work goes into creating decals with the same amount of details as the real ones. All the warning signs are on the correct position and don't miss any details.
  • Lift Points
    One more of these small details that make tonkin models stand out from other diecast manufacturers.
  • Removable Wheels
    Mostly for transportation use some of the wheels are removable. This give the collector some more options for their dioramas.

Our Tonkin diecast models come in small scale from 1/80 up to the very detailed 1/30 models.

Manufacturer Website: Tonkin Replicas

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