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Sunstar Diecast Models (Total Items: 296)

SunStar is a manufacturer of premium diecast models based in Macau. Very few other large-scale manufacturers match the exquisite quality of SunStar's products and the company clearly targets the discerning collector's niche rather than children and adolescents.

Sunstar's emphasis is strongly on classic cars, ranging from the Ford Model T up to cars from the mid-70s. It deviates from this emphasis in its 'Modern Rally' and 'Back to the Future' series, the latter featuring the original De Lorean and its 4 iterations seen in the popular 3-movie franchise from the 80s. A special exception has also been made for the Mars Exploration Rover. Other than these, the focus is sharply classic European.

The precision and craftsmanship of the premier range called 'Limited Edition' is simply superb and really must be seen to be fully appreciated. Built at 1:12 scale, each unit weighs about 13 lbs. Models feature wheels that can be fully disassembled exactly as they would on a real car, with each nut and bolt corresponding to the fully-functional tools in the included tool set. Upholstery and panels are faithfully rendered with wood-paneled borders. Every component of the engine is recreated, down to fan belts and bronze-colored and silver-colored metal tubes to differentiate between the different materials.

But such attention to detail is not reserved only for the Limited Edition - in the De Lorean models from the movies, every electric cable linking the car's interior to the modified engine is recreated. The wheels rotate 90 degrees out of the wheel bay like they did in the films. All SunStar editions eschew the generic 'plastic slab' consoles common to almost every other manufacturer. Each dashboard and interior of every model is layered and contoured like the actual vehicle it represents.

The description of SunStar Diecast Models for their quality and unmatched detail cannot substitute for seeing and touching them up-close. If you are searching for a high-end replica of your favorite classic car, SunStar should be your first choice.

Manufacturer Website: Sunstar

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