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New Ray Diecast Models (Total Items: 120)

NewRay Toys Company limited is a Hong Kong based company which makes die-cast and plastic toys. They have made a name for themselves for their accurate die-cast representations of real life cars and bikes.

The company has over 200 licenses and counting, which implies that the company can legally use the logos of top manufacturers to produce a plethora of die-cast car and bike models. Cars, bikes, trucks and even ATVs are included in the list of its die-cast models. The company not only manufactures scaled down versions of the models presently in sale, but also produces highly detailed versions of vintage models.

The company uses state of art manufacturing processes to produce incredibly detailed models. Its success as a manufacturer has allowed the company to expand and enter into markets such as China and the United states.

The wide range of models produced by NewRay are scaled down to sizes which are suitable as playmates for children or simply as collectors' items for adults.

Manufacturer Website: New Ray

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