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Motormax Diecast Models (Total Items: 430)

There are various stores specializing in selling the Motormax Diecast models, featuring highly detailed Diecasts and plastic replicas of various kinds of motorcycles, licensed cars, and aircrafts. While buying the Diecast models, the first thing you need to do is deciding on the scale of Diecast that you wish to purchase. Diecasts may be classified in terms of sizes and scales like 1:18, 1:24, 1:25. Scale implies the fraction to which the real item is reduced to produce the desired model. Prior to choosing a scale or fraction, you need to think about the place where the collection will be displayed and the available area. For instance, 1:18 will need a more shelf space when compared to a 1:24 scale.

Motormax: the premier manufacturer of Diecast models

As a collector of Diecast models, a buyer can try out Motormax Diecast models. It sells Diecast models in almost all the scales, including 1:18, 1:24, 1:25, 1:48, 1:64 since the year 1998. Having the headquarters in Hong Kong, Motormax have two Diecast factories in the China mainland with the vertically integrated Diecast production line-up. The production lineup encompasses designing, prototyping, engineering, tooling, selling and marketing. In every Diecast product, you may expect that perfect quality controls coming out of the facility. So, whether it is for a Ford Mustang Boss of the year 1970 or the Maerati Gran Turismo in Black, Diecasts can be bought for all.

How to purchase Motormax Diecast?

For the one purchasing a car for the child, must avail the 1:16 scale. Being considerably larger, it can overcome the wear and tear that is inflicted by a child. It is usually the Metal Tinka truck that uses 1:16 Diecast scale. Motormax is known for making Diecast after laying an utmost attention to detailing and hence replicating the real world versions. Some of the worth mentioning details are steerable wheels, opening doors, a well constructed engine compartment. An utmost care is laid on the interior of the model. So, even if you collect the Diecast models for fun, Motormax Diecasts are worth your attention.

Manufacturer Website: Motormax

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