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Hot Wheels Diecast Models written by: JoJoWriter Hot Wheels are one of the most popular and widely known type of diecast cars in the world. They were established in 1968 when their first production line included the introduction of 16 diecast models. The diecast car giant is owned by Mattel and to date they have produced a staggering 4 billion diecast cars with a total of over 800 unique models. They produce a wide range of makes and models of diecast cars. They produce four different sizes that include those of; 1.18; 1.43; 1.50 and 1;64.

Hot Wheels Diecast Models generally fall into three distinct categories. Firstly you have the Vintage collection, which are those diecast cars made before 1980. You then have the Modern collection which are those cars made between 1980 and 1989. Finally, you can then buy the Contemporary Hot Wheels Diecast models that were made from 1989 to the present day. What truly revolutionized Hot Wheels was when Mattel bought the rights to Matchbox cars in 1996. Although primarily made for children to play with, Hot Wheels have become increasingly popular for adult collectors with many limited edition models being produced.

Mattel knew that their diecast cars had to be fast in order to sell. Therefore all Hot Wheels cars are sold with lubricated, plastic tyres in order for them to be pushed quickly. The tyres also spin with very minimal effort. This is one of their biggest selling points. Also, all of Hot Wheels cars are brightly painted and a metallic paint finish used in order to make the cars as eye catching as possible.

With over 800 models to choose from, Hot Wheels diecast cars are enjoyed by both adults and children alike. They are both a joy to collect and play with.

Manufacturer Website: Hotwheels

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