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Gt Spirit Diecast Models (Total Items: 91)

Do you like cars? I bet you do. So do the guys from GT Spirit and founded their company in 2009. Since then the company manufactures diecast models of some of the most iconic cars from around the world.

GT Spirit focuses mostly on luxury brands like Porsche, Mercedes Benz or BMW. But lately they have increased their selection of other manufacturers too. Their assortment ranges from classic cars like the Jaguar E Type up to modern cars like the Nissan R35 GTR.

Their main focus for building the models lies on authenticity to make the car feel and look like the real one. Their production processes are constantly improved and they are always looking for new materials. Most parts like the body, seats and chassis are made out of polyurethane resin. Smaller parts are made out of traditional plastic.

To make the car look like the real deal GT Spirit paints all their cars by hand with a five-layer technique. This gives the model a superb finishing touch. The models however have no movable parts like doors and hood. At least the wheels do spin.

Almost all GT Spirit diecast models are limited in quantity. You should not wait too long before deciding. Your dream car might be gone already. So choose your favorite car now and bring some awesomeness to your collection!

Manufacturer Website: Gt Spirit

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