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First Gear Diecast Models (Total Items: 188)

For automotive buffs, First Gear diecast models call for little introduction. The brand has been at the forefront of designing evocative models of the latest as well as classic vehicles for decades now. The models stand out from the rest as they are carefully put together from multiple components, ensuring integrity to the original designs

Looking at a First Gear Diecast model, it offers uncanny parallels with the real cars. This owes to the company's dedication to replicate everything from fully detailed interiors to the undercarriage. With impeccable finishes including chrome plated accessories, you will find it hard to resist a diecast model from First Gear. Whether you are looking for innovative motorsport replicas, farm vehicles or classic races from the sixties, you will find the best of First Gear Diecast models right here. The amazing attention to detail is a defining feature of all First Gear metal diecast models. If you lift the hood for instance, the engine and components are all laid out with uncanny accuracy.

Manufacturer Website: First Gear

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