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BBurago is a company with an enviable pedigree. It was started in 1976 in the Italian city of Burago by three brothers of the Besana family, hence the double 'B' in the name.

Starting with 1:43 scale trucks of fellow Italian brand, Fiat, BBurago's business plan was to cater to young boys who wanted to play with a familiar vehicle that they saw on the roads every day. The 1:43 scale vehicles were around 4 inches long. By 1980, this strategy had changed. Larger Bburago Diecast models started to appear, now in 1:24 scale.

The subject matter also changed; no longer just trucks, they were miniatures of the popular European sports and saloon cars of the day. Again marketed at young boys, these were higher-end models, with opening doors, hoods and trunks. The average size was about 8 inches, allowing for far greater detail than the previous 1:43 models. These features made the brand immensely popular and this success was the catalyst behind the 1:18 scale vehicles that were developed a few years later.

The 1:18 scale range was in a class of its own. Models were around 10 inches long, allowing for intricate detail of the dashboard (although dials were stick-on decals), accurate seats, highly detailed engines and spoke-wire wheels where applicable. Spare tires, first introduced in the 1:24 range were included in the trunk. This range was aimed mainly at collectors, although two less high-quality ranges were introduced to cater to growing demand.

Today, BBurago is one of the giants in its field. It is currently the only company worldwide officially licensed to create Ferrari replicas. While this again mainly targets collectors, BBurago is making inroads at the other end of the spectrum as well with its play-sets that include car-washes, car jumps and vertical-loop tracks.

Bburago Diecast Models are created in ISO9001:2000-accredited premises which meet international standards for toy manufacture in terms of product safety and employee welfare.

Manufacturer Website: Bburago

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