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Autoworld Diecast Models (Total Items: 202)

Our Auto World diecast models include police cars, motor racing models and even muscle cars all replicated to real life scale. You can also search our rich inventory of Auto World models for rare classic pop culture vehicles including the 1969 Dodge Charger as well as the Monkee Mobile! Auto World diecast models come in three scale specifications: 1:18 scale, 1:24 scale and 1:64 scale. The replica models are also available in different colors and combos. Everything from the interiors to the tires and down to the taillights is reproduced to uncanny detail.

With a pedigree running as far back as 1958 when the company was founded, Auto World is a brand synonymous with quality and cutting edge technology. Whether you are a petrolhead collector or just looking for some unique gift idea for an adolescent hobbyist, there are more than adequate choices to wet your appetite from our Auto World Diecast collection.

Manufacturer Website: Autoworld

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