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Autoart Diecast Models (Total Items: 665)

Autoart is a Hong Kong based company that are responsible for making hand made precision scale models of both road and racing cars. The company was established in 1998. All Autoart Diecast Models are made specifically by hand, with the official website stating that over a hundred hands can be responsible for the making of one single diecast car.

Diecast models are a complete replica of the original car. In fact, Autoart are known as one of the leading companies for their painstaking prediction when it comes down to the fine details on their diecast cars. For example, all parts of the car, such as the brakes, wheels, suspension, seat belts and sun visors are all replicated exactly as the original car. The paint finish is also completed to a very high standard.

Autoart are known as the biggest manufacturer of 1.18 diecast models, but in total they make 9 different sizes of models of diecast cars. To date they have made over a thousand individual models. What the company tend to focus on are European cars.

What Autoart are most widely known for though, is their diecast racing car range, which is the largest in the world. They are well known for both their modern and classic racing car replicas. Many car racing enthusiasts collect Autoart diecast cars for this very reason. Popular choices include those of the high end market such as Bugatti and Pagani.

Most recently Autoart have been responsible for replicating cars seen in both movies and television. One such car was the n Ford Falcon Interceptor, as driven by Mel Gibson in the 1973 film, Mad Max. This was made available as both a 1.18 and a 1.43 diecast model.

Both adults and children can enjoy Autoart Diecast Models as there is an extensive range to both play with and collect. Their range of diecast cars are also hugely affordable.

Manufacturer Website: Autoart

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