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Established 1947, TVR has grown to become one of the most respected car manufacturing company not only in Britain but the entire world. This giant car manufacturing company has specialized in manufacturing high end sports cars with very powerful engine. After more than two years of silence, the company came to limelight again when it announced it new generation of cars come 2017. Reliable sources have indicated that their next generation of its high end sports car is being developed under the code name T37. TVR also announced that their fist allocation of their future high end sports cars has already been sold, which is absolutely amazing bearing the fact that the company has not built any cars for long period of time.

The main reason why this giant car manufacturing company has remained relevant despite taking a break from manufacturing cars is because TVR enthusiast seem to trust Edgar, the new company CEO who has given them something to smile about. Although much of their new car design has remain top secret, display at the 2016 London motor show actually showed a snap shot of what their new generation of sports car will look like. The car will feature the traditional 1990 TVR styling with design borrowed from the Sagaris.

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