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Suzuki Motorcycles

Suzuki motorcycles are among the most popular motorcycles in the world today. They are robust, stylish, and come brimming with excellent features.

The company Suzuki started out in the silk industry in 1909. Believe it or not, it took 30 years before the company made its way to manufacturing motorcycles and cars. But during that time, their primary focus was still on the silk industry.

The Power Free was the first motorcycle introduced by Suzuki. Because of its ingenious design, the Japan government gave the company a subsidy so it can continue with its research about motorcycle and car innovation. That became the start for a more promising business for Suzuki, allowing them to create innovative vehicles which later on became World Motocross Champions.

Among the great bikes of Suzuki was the X-6 Hustler. Introduced in the mid-1960's, it was the company's first street-legal performance bike. When the late 80's came, all the more Suzuki became known in the racing community. Its model, the GSX-R750, became the most popular Suzuki motorcycle in this era. Made from an aluminum frame, the GSX-R750 was considered the lightest bike from Suzuki.

Suzuki motorcycles were without any doubt among the most important and influential vehicles in the past. But even up to now, they continue to be one of the biggest names in the motorcycle industry.

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