DieCast Scene

Studebaker Diecast Models (Total Items: 29)

Studebaker, an automobile company, was founded in 1852. It came in to corporate make after six years it was founded. It was a company whose main business was making wagons for military and farmers. Today it is referred as a magnificent and glorious history because the production of Studebaker was stopped in the year 1966. It was among leading pioneers in wagon manufacturing. Also it was among very first manufacturers that started electric car production. This company saw a lot of technical developments during both first and second world wars.

The company rolled out their first gasoline vehicle in the year 1904. They produced few bus and truck models too which were accepted as a very well engineered vehicles by automobile industry.This company gave several new technologies to mankind and will be always be remembered for the vehicles it made. The Studebaker cars were treated as luxury cars by common people. Their cars were a very good engineering works. This company did a lot of partnerships with other manufacturers but only few really worked out. This company was shutdown due to income crisis.

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