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Rolls Royce Diecast Models (Total Items: 31)

Over a century ago Britons Henry Royce and Charles Rolls met and decided to collaborate in building and selling cars together, and this led to the birth of a new company, Rolls-Royce. Just a year later, the duo produced the Silver Ghost, a car that went on to be dubbed the best in the world at the time. This was a pivotal moment in the company's future, a moment that set the stage for decades upon decades of technical perfection and flawless excellence.

The 1930's pushed Rolls-Royce even further ahead of rivals, breaking records and attracting attention from across the world. At around that time, Phantom III was rolled out. This model was the very first to make use of a V12 engine and automated controls.

In the 50's,Rolls-Royce found a friend in the form of the British royal family, and this friendship became the company's biggest accomplishment in many ways. In the years that followed, the brand became popular with musicians, athletes, and pretty much everyone with the means to invest in the luxury of its products.

In the 70's,Rolls-Royce took a stake in aviation and started building aero engines. This sense of ambition saw the company split into two units, which was then followed by a time of financial crises. Rolls-Royce Motors Limited then produced the Corniche, a car that tested the limits of perfection to a brutal effect.

The 90's oversaw the entry of BMW into the company, a union that came as a blessing to both the company and consumers. Rolls-Royce now sells cars in more than 40 countries worldwide.

It would be easy to dismiss Rolls-Royce as a top-end luxury car company that cares about a small selected client pool, but the strides it has made over the last few decades are monumental.

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