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The legendary Pontiac auto company has its roots in the 1893 Pontiac Buggy Company founded by a Mr. Edward M Murphy in partnership with his father in law. The company ownership passed through the able leadership of Oakland Motor Car Company and was finally merged with General Motors in 1909, following which the Pontiac Car Company saw a spectacular rise in sales. The New York Auto Show introduced the very first Pontiac to the public. It was a five-seater coach with a powerful 6 cylinder engine. The Pontiac success story had begun.

Pontiac saw a milestone year in 1942 with the launch of the Streamliner and the sale of nearly 330,000 cars. Their popularity grew with the famous Wide-Track styling and Pontiac went on to become the third among best-selling auto companies in the United States. The company focused on snazzy marketing techniques. Plush illustrations showing the car at clubs and amidst the streets of Paris had caught the eye of passionate car owners.

DeLorean's Tempest GTO in 1963 and the 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix helped the company survive the youth and muscle oriented 60s. However, these were the years when Pontiac sales fell and never really recovered. The year 1974 again proved to be a superb for the car makers with the introduction of the legendary Firebird Trans Am (7.5-liter V8). 'Smokey and the Bandit' made the Trans Am a part of the American culture.

Pontiac kept the sales going with the introduction of masterpieces such as the 2002 Aztek Rally and the revived GTO in 2004. The year 2009 saw the G8 GXP imported from Australia. It was dubbed the best car to wear the Pontiac name. The G6 GT convertible was the last car to be manufactured by Pontiac in November 2009.

The Pontiac car company's rise and then subsequent fall gave us lessons in marketing, design and quality. Even if discontinued, it still holds a unique place in our hearts.

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