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Plymouth Models

Plymouth cars are known for their sportiness and fancy look. In the 60's and 70's, the auto production company prided themselves on robust engines and inspiring customers. They ended up branding themselves as the manufacturers of Muscle Cars.

Plymouth has proven to be very competitive in terms of horsepower. The 413 Wedge was an exception, but out of the blues came the Mopar's 410 bhp 413 V-8.

Plymouth priced the Roadking P9 higher than other cars of their 1939 generation. These cars were produced in two-door and four-door models. The four-door models were very popular with customers.

The company was famous for its hot engines and proved its innovations with the Barracuda in 1964. The first cars manufactured were powerful performer. The 1965 Barracuda had balanced handling and a V-8 engine. The car has remained to be the most fancied among sports fan over the year.

In the early 70's, the Plymouth's Hemi Cuda proved tough and has remained to be most popular car among Muscle Car fans. Production for Duster and Cuda was closed in 1975 and the division that produced the model was official closed in 2001.

The Belvedere production line introduced the Satellite in 1965. The car was very popular among consumers until 1967, but when sales started declining, it was converted to middle class priced model with GTX. The name was then transferred to the company's middle-sized models. The auto production company allowed the satellite name to die silently.

At some point, Plymouth decided to revamp the Valiant Scamp by naming it Brougham. Consumers were impressed with the company's move that they purchased more than 127,000 of them. Although the manufacture admits that the car was not a high performer, they are happy that it was very popular at some point in history.

Today, Plymouth car fans have ventured into finding these cars for restoration. Plymouth Muscle Cars are still an obsession with most sport car fans.

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