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Peugeot Models

The Peugeot Company, started by the Peugeot family originally began its life as an ironmonger. Instead of cars the main items manufactured were coffee grinders and bicycles. It was not until 1876 that the company first started to make cars for the French public. The first cars were steam driven although in later years, with the help of Daimler; the internal combustion engine was adopted as the preferred means of propulsion.

In 1891 the first of these petrol driven cars was driven from Beaulieu-Valentigney to Paris and then onto Brest. The acclaim gained for this amazing feat cemented the car in the hearts of the French public and as a result the company sold three hundred cars in 1899, a marked improvement on the five sold in 1891. The range was further improved when the steering tiller was replaced with the wheel and electric ignition systems were added in 1902.

Development naturally continued in the 1910's when Peugeot once again entered the world of motor sport. With the help of Ettore Bugatti the cars were further improved with stylistic design and an engine that produced an impressive ten horsepower. Examples of these models can still be seen today in the French National Automobile Museum located in the town of Mulhouse.

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