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Nissan Diecast Models (Total Items: 166)

Nissan Models

Nissan build wonderful sports cars since the dawn of automobile history. Either on the road or on the race track - Nissan leads the pack.

They're cars are in high demand in the tuning scene. Nissan's turbo engines like the SR20DET or the RB25DET are famous for their potential to get more power out of it. Their GTR models come with 4 wheel drive which gives the car the grip it needs on every surface and weather condition.

The nissan skyline is the powerhouse in the series. Either the old kenmari or a new R35 - skylines are the cream of nissan's cars. The smaller S-Chassis is known around the world for it's good drift capabilities due to an even weight distribution. An S14 is the perfect way to get most bang for your money. Another car known around the world is the old Z model. Featured in many movies this car is also known as Devil Z.

The success in motor sports is undeniable, so is the success on the broad market of every day cars. Nissan offers a wide range of small hatchbacks, limousines, SUV s and off road vehicles. These Nissan diecast cars offer the same amount of details you can expect from the real counterpart.

So many cool cars to choose from - pick yours!

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