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Mclaren Models

Founded in 1963 by Bruce McLaren, McLaren Automotive is a British automaker that produces luxury and high performance sports cars at designated production facilities.

Having previously developed iconic cars including McLaren, McLaren automotive became an independent global company in 2010 when it launched the innovative 12C and 12C spider in 2011 and 2012. This was followed by the McLaren P1 in 2013 in line with the plan to introduce a new model every year.

McLaren automotive team was the first to introduce carbon chassis material to Formula 1 with their MP4/1. The technology was later implemented in road cars. Today, the entire McLaren cars are engineered around revolutionary carbon fiber chassis which offers perfect blend of strength and light weight.

McLaren automotive has established a global network of more than 50 dealership in major automotive markets, built world class McLaren production Centers and are working with technical partners such as TAG Heuer, SAP, Pirelli, ExxonMobil, AkzoNobel and Akebono. They also continue to invest in Research and development in order to improve their production techniques and develop the future range or innovative cars.

Currently, McLaren employs thousands of skilled employees and contributes greatly to the global economy. 90% of their cars are exported overseas and the company support a high number of highly innovative entrepreneurs.

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