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Mazda Models

If you're looking for a fun-to-drive car, anything in the Mazda pipeline would make a great choice. For starters, Mazda cars boast eye-catching exterior designs with reasonably designed interiors that aren't exactly luxurious.

Also, as opposed to other car manufacturers, their cars tend to be reasonably designed and are pretty average in terms of reliability. The company started revising all their designs in 2014; ergo, their style tend to stand out. Not to mention, they feature very low coefficient of drag. It's also worth noting that the cars score impressive ratings on safety. Their gas mileage is relatively good (next to Toyota's and way better than Honda's).

One other thing you can't fail to give Mazda credit for is the success they have had in deadening car noise. Their cars also tend to have generous leg room space, thus adding to passenger comfort. Lastly their ergonomics are up to snuff, plus the company has been pretty much consistent with this all across their line-ups. Those who drive Mazda cars also love them for their hardware options. One good example is the radar for adaptive cruising and blind spot monitoring, which a lot of people find to be way better than the cameras used by Toyota, Honda and Subaru.

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