DieCast Scene

Lincoln Diecast Models (Total Items: 32)

Lincoln is a brand manufacturer of luxury cars; it is a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company. The company was founded by Henry M. Leland in 1917 and it was acquired by Ford in 1922. Lincoln has been involved in the production of luxury vehicles since 1920. The company was named after the Leland's long time hero, Abraham Lincoln. There was also involvement of Henry M. Leland in the establishment of Cadillac division.

The company at first involved in the production of engines to the Liberty Aircrafts under the name of his son, Wilfred. After the World war, the company got fully involved in the production of luxury cars. The structure of the luxury cars produced by the company was so bad that they could not be compared with the other luxury models. The company manufactured more than 150 cars and later led the company to financial crisis. The Lincoln Company was acquired by Ford on 4th February, 1922 for 8,000,000 US Dollars.

General Motors was the main competitor to the Lincoln Motors. The company offered the luxury cars in different styles and structures and in no time became one of the top producers of luxury cars. Some of the cars include two and three windowed four door cars, which can accommodate up to four passengers. The roadster models, which have the capacity to accommodate up to two passengers, are also manufactured by the same company.

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