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Lexus Models

Despite the fact that Lexus is a luxury car division that was launched by a Japanese car manufacturer - namely Toyota, this was not the first country to experience the elegance of the car. The range of cars was to be priced at a rate that would give some indication of the type of luxuries and features that a buyer could look forward to. After its launch in 1983 and continued expansion in the United States, it was only in 2005 when the company hit the ground in Japan.

This late introduction into the Japanese market was because up until 2005, Lexus was still a division of parent and founding company Toyota. In 2005 Lexus became a company separate to that of Toyota even though the company still has a large share in the Lexus organization.

Lexus cars include sports utility vehicles, coupes, convertibles, and sedans. So there is a choice for everyone. If you want to get a beach buggy though, then this is not the brand for you.

The Lexus brand has proven to be the most reliable according to a survey that it has won fourteen times. The main reasons for this favorable impression from the market are the fact that the company offers excellent customer service.

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