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Koenigsegg Models

The high-performance sports cars manufacturer, Koenigsegg, is relatively young compared to other similar companies. However, this does not negate the impact that this automotive corporate power has had in the industry. Koenigsegg was built with one objective: to produce a supercar which will be recognized as a world-class machine. After establishment of the Swedish company in 1994, a lot of effort was put into design and prototyping.

Christian von Koenigsegg, the owner of the business, created the original design for the first vehicle prototype manufactured by the company. This high performance blueprint was known as Koenigsegg CC, and it was inspired by Ferrari F40 and McLaren F1. The prototype was succeeded by the CC8S, which was the first super car produced by the company for mass sale.

Since then, Koenigsegg has continued to produce exceptional super cars that have received international acclaim. The Agera was declared the Hyper Car of the Year by BBC's Top Gear in 2010. In addition, the CCXR, which combines high performance and environmental friendliness, was selected as one of the most beautiful cars by Forbes.

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