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Husaberg Motorcycles (Total Items: 3)

Husaberg motorcycles are marvels and adored by both racing riders and everyday street riders. With its history in racing, the bikes have been developed to achieve maximum performance. Electric starts employed on the bikes make starting the beasts easy and quick. Moreover, the 4-strokes engines ensure that the accelerations are smooth.

The Swedish bikes come with steady suspensions to ensure that you enjoy every second of your ride. For dirt bike lovers, the suspensions have been carefully engineered to provide soft and cushioned landings when riding on rough terrain.

If you are not a dirt bike fanatic, you can also get yourself a Husaberg street bike. The bikes have been designed using the lessons learn from racing bikes and offers superb performance and reliability. The street model' engines are all fuel injected to provide riders with smooth combustion, more power, and enhanced fuel economy.

Whether you want a dirt bike or street bike, buying a Husaberg diecast motorcycle gets you a new sexy ride for your collection!

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