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Hummer Diecast Models (Total Items: 23)

Hummer, it is one of the most outraging vehicle of all days. In the beauty and function there are no other vehicle manufacturers who can challenge hummer. The uniqueness in its shape made the hummer mostly popular among the vehicle lovers. For anyone with a hummer, they have no other ways of having luxury rather than riding in it.

The hummer was a brand of trucks in the olden days. The company started releasing its civilian version in 1998. But the modern name and status were acquired by the company only after purchasing the brand name HUMMER. Before that the name was General motors. After renaming the company, they released the modern version of hummer H1. This is counted as a greatest success towards their growth.

Now speaking of the performance the Hummer is said to have a great functioning ability. But anyhow the fuel efficiency of the vehicle is too low that you may have to take an extra tank of fuel for long rides, since frequent refuelling is required. The Hummer offers a higher importance for the security of the traveller. Compared to any similar models of vehicles and SUV's the Hummer will stand out in the matter of safety.

Now a rather important thing for any Hummer is that, it never need even a road. The high efficient suspension system will make the vehicle invincible and you may can even ride your Hummer among rocks and even on a mountain. The higher grip of the tires also is helpful on this quest. The same is helpful in making the Hummer easier to ride in snow.

Hummer doesn't have as much variant models as other car manufacturers. This also has made the hummer unique. The Hummer H1, Hummer H2, Hummer H3, Hummer HX are the models of hummer available. The Hummer H1 is one with a small carrier on the back side of it. Where we can use it to transport any goods. The Hummer H2 and H3 doesn't vary much in the look but the specifications are a little different and so is the function. The most recent model is the HX. This is a smaller off-road racer concept car which is rather smaller than any other Hummer models.

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