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Horch Diecast Models (Total Items: 2)

The Horch 855 roadster is an elegant and luxurious car which is also an amazing vintage car. It was one of the most exclusive and expensive cars ever made by the Horch company. The Horch company only built seven units of the special Horch 855 roadster. The magnificent body of the Horch 855 special roadster had been manufactured in Dresden by Glaser.

The roadster had an 8-cylinder inline engine which had 4 strokes in its frame. It had a maximum power capacity of 120hp at 3600 rpm which was pretty impressive at the time. It had a maximum speed of 87 mph which by then was quite fast. It had a fuel consumption of 11mpg. It had an engine capacity of 4,911cc. The Horch 855 special roaster had only seven units made in the period of 1938-1939. It was a very luxurious car and to date of the most amazing cars ever made in its time.

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