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Honda Motorcycles (Total Items: 22)

Honda Motorcycles

Soichiro Honda started the Honda Technical Research Institute in 1946, to experiment with machinery and find more efficient methods of travel for Japan after the war. Honda produced its first real motorcycle, the Model D, in 1949. Since then Honda has gone on to become one of the world's leading motorcycle manufacturers. With every passing year and each new model, the Honda name becomes even more prestigious in the motorcycling world.

No motorcycle manufacturer offers a broader range of products than Honda. Honda made it's mark on the motorcycle world with small, affordable bikes, and grew well beyond that to create some of the most important performance machines ever built. The dynamic between competition and design has always fueled the evolution of racing motorcycles and inspired astonishing feats of design and engineering.

Today Honda offers an enormous lineup of class-leading motorcycles and is regularly adding to and improving its fleet. Among many recent innovations are the NC700X adventure bike with its handy storage compartment and available dual-clutch transmission, the retro-styled CB1100, the friendly midsize CB500F, the affordable MD250H track-ready road racer, and the irresistible little Grom 125cc funbike.

Few activities offer more fun and excitement than motorcycling. The world of Honda and motorcycle enthusiasts both crave a comprehensive look at these bikes and the company that produces them and these diecast models offer a truly remarkable perspective of more than fifty years of Honda's prowess.

Our Honda Diecast Motorcycles are the perfect gift for all of the motorcycle lovers out there. Find something you absolutely love. When you find that motorcycle you can't resist, you will know.

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