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Ford Models

The name Ford is universally known. Founded in 1903 as Ford Motor Company by Henry Ford, the auto maker became one of the largest, most profitable companies in the world. It is globally the fifth largest auto-maker today and the second largest in the US. It was one of the most important companies of the 20th century and has made way for many technical and business innovations. The envy and idol of industrialists, businesspeople, and manufacturers, Ford introduced extremely important innovations and revolutionary ideas that have helped shape the technologically and economically advanced world we live in.

The company changed the world in 1908 with the release of its Ford Model T automotive, affordable for the common man, causing an explosion in mobility worldwide. It was named the most influential car of the twentieth century, and is one of the top most sold cars of all time, at 16.5 million units. The world's first moving assembly line became the benchmark for industrial mass production. Introduced by Ford in 1913, it allowed productivity to sky-rocket, bringing down the cost per vehicle so more people could afford a car. The $5 workday, a significant wage at the time of its adoption in 1914, essentially helped kick-start the middle class. It made Ford a more competitive company by attracting the best talent and it caused the rise of the middle class.

Ford Motor Company has shown great strength and resilience through the ages. While the painful 2008 global financial crisis has hurt countless major businesses worldwide, Ford weathered the storm without support from the US government, and quickly returned from near bankruptcy to profitability, thanks to its excellent management skills and leadership. Ford's ground breaking achievements and progressive visions remain unchallenged in the international automotive industry. Its cars have proven affordable, reliable and innovative, and the company continues to dominate and grow worldwide.

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