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Edsel Diecast Models (Total Items: 2)

Edsel Citation is one of the never forgotten and the unforgettable cars from the Edsel models family first produced in the late 50s. Characterized by long and wide gauge, stainless steel elements and exclusive interior design, this car was supposed to be drastically different from everything else in the market. And so it was.

With its 345 horsepower engine, dash compass included, fully electric gears system and weight of slightly above 4300 pounds, this car was among the best models produced in 1958. It was the state-of-the-art vehicle with superb design and comfort. What still amazes is the striking 80 options to choose when buying this car! Even modern cars could envy this one based on this data. Back then, it was considered a very expensive car. It is interesting that the current value of this old timer pretty boy is at least 20 times higher than 60 years ago.

Unfortunately, out of the manufactured 930 cars, only 150 Edsel Citation models survived until today.

You might never get a real one, but our edsel diecast cars make you proud owner of a true classic.

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