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Dodge Models

Dodge car models have come out as the fastest growing brands of vehicle that exhibit inarguably great performance, speed and efficiency. Their uniquely designed exterior and interior formation make them outstanding among other vehicles thus inducing great competition. For over years, the Dodge manufacturers have committed themselves in designing stylish and performance-oriented cars that perfectly meet the demands and preferences of its intended customers.

Interestingly, Dodge cars are known to possess great quality formation. For instance, in the truck line, the manufacturers have been able to create a separate Ram brand. This truck model has incorporated large, strong and sturdy wheels that have really been efficient in operating on rough terrains and off-road paths. Besides, the presence of a strong engine has been able to highly boost the performance of Dodge truck models.

In the recent years, Dodge has appeared to be concentrating more on practical vehicles which include the Journey SUV car model and the Avenger sedan (Mid size). Apparently, one will discover that new features introduced in these models have really improved their general performance and functionality. For instance, the presence of a wide chrome grille, modified bumper, wider wheel arches has really boosted these Dodge car models.

After merging with DaimlerChrysler, Dodge came up with two car models; Charger and Challenger. Though this merger was short-lived, these two vehicles in its line-up have come out strong especially due to the presence of the wide grille which boost the efficiency of the motor and improves the engine performance. Besides, the rear bumper is powder coated and offer great protection to the Dodge car models.

Dodge vehicles have taken into account the fuel economy by adopting engines with efficient speed power transmission, for instance the 2017 Dodge Ram is expected to use a 8- speed power transmission to save on fuel. Other available Dodge models include the Durango, Dart, Viper and Grand Caravan.

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