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Daimler's 1961 luxury saloon, the V8-250, is a true nostalgic classic. The V8-250 marked the end of a glorious era for the manufacturer as the last car to feature a Daimler engine after Jaguar inherited the V8 engine from Daimler.

The sporty luxury limousine featured a comfortable, roomy cabin that was fit for a family, yet it was not your typical family car. Perhaps the fact that it fused the characteristics of a sports car with that of a family saloon is what made it so endearing to many.

The V8-250 was identical to the Jaguar MK2 but under the hood, the two cars were miles apart. Compared to the Jaguar engines, the Daimler was fitted with a lighter V8 power unit that lifted over 100 pounds off the Daimler's total weight. The V8 power unit, however, was left entirely in its sports car tune. Despite the sporty tuning, the V8 was surprisingly quiet from the cabin, but its pushy throb was pleasantly apparent from directly behind the double exhausts.

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