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Cooper Diecast Models (Total Items: 2)

The Cooper T51 is a formula one car that has a place in history as the first mid-engined car to win both the constructor's and the driver's championship with driver Jack Brabham.

The T51 has had a lasting effect on the sport of formula one racing because since then, the formerly manufacturer-dominated sport, changed. The location and type of engine used in the T51 proved that a customer engine could win the championships and this opened the door for other teams like McLaren and Lotus.

The Cooper T53 is another formula one car that dominated the Grand Prix circuit between 1960 and 1961 with Bruce McLaren and Jack Brabham at the helm. It dominated the results of 1960 races by winning 5 out of 7 races. It was lower and sleeker than its predecessor, the T51.

The T53 became a pioneer of the change that was to come in the racing landscape because mid-engined cars dominated the sport by 1964. Cooper placed the engine between the driver and the rear wheel, something that became the standard configuration of racing cars in the years to come.

Even though Coopers stopped appearing in Grand Prix races, Cooper's impact is clear because every Grand Prix since 1969 has been won by a mid-engined car.

This is your chance to add one of these to your diecast collection.

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