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Citroen Diecast Models (Total Items: 48)

Citroen Models

Citroen was initially found in 1919 by a revolutionary man named Andre Citroen. His grandfather used to sell lemons, which is the way the family name "Citroen" which means citrus, came to fruition through his Dutch foundation. Andre Citroen was the first to give customers a street mischance aversion benefit for their vehicles. Citroen vans particularly the H van, was utilized essentially somewhere around 1947 and 1981. Other Citroen vehicles were additionally presented, for example, 2CV, DS and CX models. Andre Citroen was the first to assemble light utility vans utilized for business and also joy. 473,289 Citroen vans were made in France, Belgium and the Netherlands for around 34 years.

The first Citroen vans were introduced with forefront technological components for its period. It included elements, for example, stroll through insides, sliding entryways, wide back section and simple access from the sides. In 1928, Citroen exhibited the main full steel bodied vehicle to the general population. Citroen obtained substantial obligation machines from Chrysler makers to accomplish this noteworthy deed. By presenting the principal full bodied steel vehicle, they had ventured out in front of their rivals who were all the while delivering basic wooden encircled vehicles. At the point when their rivals began fabricating vehicles with streamlined plans, Citroen fell behind. At that point Citroen at long last exhibited footing avant which was so imaginative and new that their rivals had no real way to strike back.

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