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Chrysler Models

Fiat AG, the company behind Chrysler, is putatively known for manufacturing aesthetic cars that come with bold styling.

Since Fiat took over, the company started investing heavily in the cars, the result of which borne great products such as PT Cruiser, Prowler and Viper. The company succeeded in regaining their lost moxie, as it can be seen with Durango Mid-size SUVs and RAM truck low fenders.

They are also known for having some of the most powerful engines. For instance, the alpha's and hemi-powered cars have the power to blow the doors off anything on the road while overtaking.

Overall, Chryslers are quality cars. Besides flaunting a beautiful and sleek exterior, their interiors guarantee all the comfort you will need while driving. Plus all the features provided are so easy to access while driving.

Most of the cars in their lineup come with rear backup cameras that have their controls placed on the steering.

The cars cruise smoothly, besides being considered one of the quietest on the road. On the same note, the Chryslers feel like luxury cars in every way. They therefore make the best pick if you are looking for something a bit on the high-end and somewhat off-the-wall.

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