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Cadillac Diecast Models (Total Items: 82)

Cadillac Models

Cadillac model cars are among the most preferred across the world. Being one of the best automobile manufacturers in the US that has been in the industry for many years, this manufactures boasts for having a significant market share for luxury cars. Since 1902, when the company was founded, most of its cars have majorly been sold in US, Canada and China.

The demand for luxury cars has continued to increase all over the world. This is what has seen the Cadillac car manufacturer continue to maintain a huge clientele due to the various models released on yearly basis. Some of the models of this company include ATS and CTS meant to be released in 2016, and other mid-sized, limousines and SUVs that were released in the past. The company has also embarked on incorporating new features on their new car models, with the 2016 V6 CTS models being fitted with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

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