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Auto Union Diecast Models (Total Items: 9)

Type-C was designed by Ferdinand Porsche with a mid-engine initially used in the 1923 Benz Volkswagen. Mass distribution was his key motivation in this prime. The fuel chamber was build centrally for stability.What made the car unstable were its heavy engine and comparably light chassis and body.

The design group put the largest available engine inside the 760 kg car. This resulted in the engine to contest during the year 1936 and 1937.The high power to weight proportion, irregular weight distribution, and Porsche swing-axle delay system prepared the Type C for the harsh races.

The Auto Union type D, were horrible to drive since you sit far too close to the steering wheel. The cockpit is very confined and you cannot get a feeling for the car as a consequence. The D-Type spun at nearly every corner, even if you are not over speeding, and there is was no room for mistakes.

The Mercedes W154, the D-Type's modern successor, is superior in any way. There is a lot of more space and you sit in a more comfortable spot.

These Auto Union Diecast Models bring back an era of classic motor sports and enlighten every man diecast collection

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