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Austin Healey Models

Austin Healey 3000 was the sporting flagship of 1959, and most modern sports cars are based on this model. In 1959, the C-series engine from the 100/6 model was upgraded to 2.9 liters to be used in Westminster and adopted the name 3000. The 3000 was designed to give more power and include an improved gearbox and disc brake on the front.

MK2 was introduced in the market in 1961 but was dropped three years later when the 3000 MK2a convertible entered the market. 3000 MK2a included two carburetors and curved front windscreen, wind-up windows and was user-friendlier than its predecessors.

Austin Healey 3000 saw further improvement in 1964 when Mk3 model was launched. Although the look remained largely the same, the new 3000 model came with more power of 148bhp and a maximum speed of 121 mph. The last final 3000 model also came with revised rear suspension and improved handling features. The assembly line in Abingdon was later shut down in December 1967.

The two known models of Austin Healey 3000 series are the 553 and the 510 model. The 553 model was painted in special metallic Golden Beige paint with black or red interior. The 510 model were not available in the foreign market as it was build and sold only in US.

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